‘I haven’t dated since!’ Brenda Wairimu opens up about life after Juliani

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Actress and mother of one Brenda Wairimu has never been one to go public with her relationships, tabloids have always been left to speculate. She has finally come clean on the biggest love of her lie yet, and father of her daughter.

It’s been almost two years now after Juliani and actress Brenda Wairimu parted ways. The two, who have a daughter together, parted ways silently without much drama but Kenyans eventually realized after noticing they stopped posting pictures together.

Brenda has now revealed that she has never really moved on, but she’s making progress.

“Being single is well…different. I was in a serious relationship for 8 years, if not more. I am slowly learning to date again but not sure when I will be ready for something serious. I have not been on a date lately (laughs),” she said in interview with Pulser.

Wairimu also shared that being a single parent sometimes worries her but she has everything under control.

“I know the most stories told about motherhood are on the beauty of it. But in all honesty, I am anxious now more than I have ever been. I worry a lot about her (Amor), if I am raising her well, if she is safe, how to do better for her, how to be more selfless. Every day is a learning process,” she said. 

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