How Fans Reacted To Justin Bieber & Ed Sheeran’s New Single

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Justin Bieber’s has made a come back into music with a new single with Ed Sheeran on Friday 10th May. The thought of those two as individuals is just magical you can imagine the combo, and indeed it did not disappoint.

The single dubbed – I don’t care – has attracted more than 3.9 million views in just less than seven hours and still counting.

People reacted differently about this new jam, of course, there are those who cannot get enough of the music and others who think otherwise. Here are some of the feelings caught after he posted it on his Instagram account.

manish maurya1616 said:❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

danixh pop said: baeber u nailed it😘

liamferrari said: Couldn’t be anymore prouder to be a fanboy right now. That shit was amazing !!!!!!!

gregorossello said: You and Ed. Its like cheddar and chocolate. Not the same thing, but the same love.

dylandauzat said: Straight to NUMBER 1!!! Ready for your new album bro!!

becjenningsx said: uhmmmmm the king is back

Image result for justin bieber and ed sheeran i dont care

Of course we cannot leave the haters unnoticed

nicolle85091 said: Sorry but this song feels no connections like JB other songs. It has no feelings and he feels so distance in this song as no love in it. It feels as if he is not meaning things straight from the heart

gusfloresg said: Really? 🙄

lovebugs4ever2015 said: I don’t care!!! There’s a reason why nobody has sold as.many records as you Justin bieber?!. You make master pieces! This song was threw together so fast it’s sucks!! Stop making music with other people and work on your style of music!

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