“Your Father is still baby sitting you? Gideon Moi Find’s The Going Rough in the Hands of Ruto’s Supporters

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Kenyans can truly be mean people especially if they do not like you. They are known to speak their mind and state things the way they are irregardless of who you are in the society.

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has today felt the wrath of Kenyans for apparently ranting at the wrong time.

Today saw information go round that Gideon Moi had visited William Ruto’s Karen home for some talks. Kenyans were left wondering what the two had met to discuss given the fact that they do not see eye to eye politically.

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Photos went round showing Gideon Moi in the company of a few individuals allegedly at Ruto’s home.

The last born son of Kenya’s first President would however later disappoint a number of Kenyans and especially William Ruto’s supporters when he made it clear that he did not meet with the DP.

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He confirmed that he was home in Kabarak with Mzee Moi spending quality time since yesterday.

“The social media has been awash with photos purporting that I was at a certain Karen home. The information is not true but propaganda by a wing of the political divide desperate to hoodwink Kenyans. I have been home in Kabarak since yesterday spending quality time with H.E Mzee”.

His Decision to Mention Mzee Moi’s name would however not go well with a number of Kenyans who took him head-on with some savage tackles on his social media accounts.

Below are Some of the Reactions By Kenyans Angry at Hon. Gideon:

“But mzee is fine why should a grown-up man be spending quality time with his father. Don’t you have a family?” Arap Chesulut

“😂 daddy’s boy, you have to mention your dad to remain relevant…. Chat Your Own way boss” – Rajab Kipkemboi Salil.

“Ok….I think this guys wanted to know why you are silent…thanks for confirming that.you are around with mzee and not Kenyans.Endelea kukaa kabarak tu Uone Ruto akiapishwa as 5th president…..can you imagine the kakamega twins are more famous than You,” – Coletta Call.

Teddy Kimani – “Yes stick in kabarak Kenya is a better place when you stick there in your father’s house if only Odinga , kenyatta and mudavadi families would also stick at their respective homes … Kenya would be going places”

Sec Regen Kip- “Kumbaff!! We don’t even need your support for the hustler to triumph”

Patrick Kinoti – “Hahaha keep spending the quality time with mzee hustler ako busy kutafta kura”

Elgi Bin Kabs- “Your Father is still baby sitting you? and expect hustlers to be lead by you? Only in dreams”

Reuben Kariuki – “You have made your father as a tourist attraction.We don’t care where you spend your day or night but presidency utaionea Viusasa,.”

Stephen Wero Yego – “Mzee messed the country for 24 years through nepotism, corruption, acquisitions of government land and insecurity. So you think we’re foolish. You deserve a seat of just MCA. Now you’re hiding in your father’s ill-gotten wealth. Wacha bwana. Kwenda Tiaty uzaidie watu wanakufa.”

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