We’re Hiring!! Panic as Dusit Hotel Appeals for Staff

A hotel that was a hot-bed of terror in January of 2019 has announced vacancies following the loss of six members of their staff.

During the afternoon terror attack that shocked Nairobi and the world, six people, which accounts for nearly a third of all those were killed, were drawn from Dusit D2 Hotel.

The hotel which was massively destroyed as a result of a grenade attack that was detonated in it has been undergoing maintenance to make it habitable once more.

The vacancy announcement signals a new beginning of the shattered glass panes and strewn cutlery that characterized the fateful January attack where 21 lives were lost.

The hotel staff killed in the incident were Beatrice Mutua, Bernadette Konjaio, Erickson Mogaka, Trufosa Nyaboke, Dedricks Lemisi, and Zachary Nyabwaga.

Three of the hotel staffers who had survived the ordeal were recovering in hospitals as from injuries caused by shrapnel as at January 20th.

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