Ruto and I have a common interest, Says Atwoli

Central Organisation Trade Union Secretary General Francis Atwoli has revealed his stand with Deputy President William Ruto.

According to Atwoli as much as he has personal issues with Deputy President William Ruto at the end of it all they have a common interest to benefit the common Mwananchi.

“Politics has no permanent enemies, but permanent interests. A fool is the only only individual who takes politics personally. The DP and i are fighting for the common interest of the common mwananchi, its only that we are doing it on different ends of the same platform. I was in solidarity with Ruto when he was in the Hague until he betrayed workers memorandum.”

Atwoli has recently been fighting the DP to appoint of predicting that he will not be in the ballot box come 2022 general election.

To his responce the DP accused Atwoli of Witchcraft following his claims.

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