Did He Refuse to fund Tanga Tanga? Reasons why ‘Stingy’ Tolgos Was Frustrated

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Days after announcing his official exit from Ruto’s camp, numerous questions have emerged as to why the soft-spoken Governor of Elgeyo Marakwet Alex Tolgos decided to take that bold step.

Tolgos in his statement cited frustrations from some of Ruto’s close allies including the county’s Senator Kipchumba Murkomen together with Ruto’s aid Farouk Kibet and Soy member of parliament Stephen Kositany.

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But what exactly are these frustrations? The tiff between the Murkomen and Tolgos has got absolutely Nada or very trivially to do with the Senator holding the Governor to account as is expected of his oversight duties- it has been revealed that Murkomen is targeting Tolgos because he is ‘stingy with tax payers resources.’

The attacks which got worse the past months has forced Tolgos to join businessman Bundotich Buzeki into staging a walk-out from Tanga tanga.

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Just before he ditched Ruto’s camp- Tolgos had faced onslaught from Murkomen who during a Senate sitting, said the problem with Elgeyo Marakwet was lack of ideas by the county administration led by Tolgos.

He accused the governor and his team of lacking proper leadership qualities. But in a counter-rebuttal, Tolgos accused the senator of concentrating on abusing other leaders at political rallies oblivious of the fact that the same people he abuses may find their way to State House.

“Murkomen has been abusing ODM leader Raila Odinga. I wonder what he will do if he will find Raila in State House. I also know how to abuse but am not primitive and insults won’t help me,” the governor said.

Tolgos said the senator should understand his work is first to serve the people who elected him before going for national politics.

“He should keep off from abusing me just because am always quiet. Let him know that I also have the capacity to respond,” Tolgos said.

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And respond he did by ditching Tanga tanga after he fathomed that Murkomen was only acting on behalf of the big guy himself.

Tolgos had ostensibly refused to and was consequently on the chopping board for blocking the use of county funds for personal errands. Things are so bad that the governor has been in some occasions forced to lie to the parties involved just to avoid brushing shoulders with them.

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But responding to the exit of his governor from Ruto’s political board, Murkomen avoided more politics, claiming he is paying more focus on service delivery.

“My greatest focus now is to serve the people of Elgeyo-Marakwet including addressing matters insecurity in Kerio Valley. I do not have time now to engage in sideshows,”

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