Check Out These Eyebrow Shapes, They Are To Die For (PHOTOS)

A smiling woman is pictured with one long eyebrow, also known as a unibrow or monobrow

Eyebrows are one of the things that one will notice about someone, and it seems that the eyebrow game has gone a notch higher. There is now an explosion of creativity. Take a look

Ocean Waves

ocean waves

I bet she never gets sea sick

Cat Lover

Cat lover

I prefer my pet’s photo placed in my wallet


convict eyebrows

Even prisoners got their own kind of swagg…. Prison manenos

Just Don’t

Just Dont

Everyone knows the famous tagline of sports brand Nike, Just Do It.

An Heir and a Spare


Yes I can see the brow…but where’s the spare eye

Shock Horror



Side Brow


Yea dude!! This how it goes

Team Natural

The Natural Look

I woke up like this?

Parting Ways

Parting ways

It kind of looks like her brows are having an argument, and running as far away as they can from one another. Yikes. We hope they make up soon!

Come Together

come together eyebrows

Like Tyra Banks says…. Fierce!!!

Mini Me

Mini me

Fashion at it’s best…


whoops eyebrows

It’s abird, or is it a plane… no they are eyebrows

You can braid them too

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen_shot_2017-09-07_at_10.45.19_am.png.jpg

If you can’t brush them braid them

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