Your girl is not an Alpha, dump her, get one who is

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Yes, I am talking about alpha girls, about those who dare to challenge all the limits, with security and confidence that prompts them to stand out among the others without losing their focus to achieve everything what they want. Her personality is often attractive and she is feeling overwhelmed.

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However, behind that picture are hidden authentic girls, deeply passionate and committed to what they love and want. They simply share the test achievements with the ones they love.

When you meet an alpha girl it is normal that you feel intimidated at first, but when you get to know her better you will see that there is a strong personality hiding behind her.

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Once you start a relationship with this type of a girl, you are obliged (for good) to improve the kind of person you are. It is not a command for you, but teamwork, respect and admire each other no matter what.

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Chill girl will always fulfill a basic golden rule in life and that is to love. It may look like she is madly in love with you and wants to share her life with you. However, her independent personality and high self-esteem will permanently define the difference between love and need.

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She loves you and for that,she wants to be by your side, but if you are not there, she could spend her time alone just as wonderful, without any problem.

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