VIDEO: Kabogo urges government to give him a 2hr chance to arrest Ruto

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has faulted the goverment for protecting corruption suspects.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV’s Hussein Mohamed on News night, Kabogo said that Deputy President William Ruto has been accused of corruption several times but no one has arrested him.

Kabogo questions why the DP has not been arrested up to now if he is really corrupt.

He has also said that he has volunteered to the government to give him a two hours chance to arrest Ruto and take him to cout if they can’t do it.

Listen to this video.

Kabogo was responding to corruption scandals that have rocked the country, questioning the expenditure of governors following their bizarre budgrets.

Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu was to appear on the same interview but canceled at the last minute citing instructions from the council of governors.

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