PROUDLY KENYAN! 5 local Bag Designers with Style

Designer bags Kenya Micheal soi

Ladies, let us do the math. If you buy 5 bags (1 every other month) in a year at 4,000 Kenya shillings, you will end up spending Ksh 20,000 on bags in a year. A genuine leather bag can last for 5 year and more, making it a good investment. I know what you are thinking that genuine leather bags must cost a fortune. You will be surprised to find out that their cost ranges between Ksh 6,000 to Ksh 20,000.

Designer bags are items that Kenyan women have not embraced yet because of financial constraints and misconceptions.We all know we are guilty of buying many low quality bags instead of investing in a few genuine bags. The knockoff Gucci bags last for about 2 months especially if a laptop is a part of the daily luggage.

Zumi fake bags
Here are the Kenyan designers creating timeless bags designs.
Adele Dejak.

Elegance meets leather. Adele Dejak is a luxury brand that creates leather bags, jewelry and lifestyle pieces that would last you years. The designs have graced runways both locally and abroad. Every single piece is made in workshops in Kenya. The bags and jewelry are pieces you can save for that special occasion because they are different from the generic pieces bought in stores in Kenya. They are not only trendy but very high quality.

Zumi adele dejak bags
Rift Valley Leather.

Rift valley Leather  has been making leather products for generations. Their pieces have been bought by clients from all over the world. The bags come in many designs and they promise to last you years and years without wear or tear. They not only look fantastic, but look fantastic as well.

Zumi riftvalley leather bag kenya
Sandstorm Kenya.

Walking through the ground floor of the Sarit Centre, you are most likely going to see the brightly lit leather accessories store called Sandstorm Kenya. This store had been at the same location for years now. Without even touching any of the bags, you can tell that the leather is of the highest quality. Sandstorm is an industry leader and they always introduce new collections that draw in a different group of clientele every year.

Zumi sandstorm kenya tote bags

According to their Sales Associate, Pili of The Hub Branch, clients can now leave a deposit, pay in installments and pick up the bag when the payment is done. This helps reduce financial constraints for the customer. This is brilliant. You can now own a sandstorm bag!

Zumi sandstorm kenya bags
African Classics.

African Classics is run by two amazing designers, Maggie and Monique, who have been in the designing space for years. They are talented and always enthusiastic about interacting with potential clients at fashion events to get feedback on their pieces and make new contacts. Their designs are seamlessly designed and their merge of Italian leather and Kenyan leather gives their designs a competitive and functional edge. They also let their customers weigh in on the design process ensuring that they get the best.

Nicky Bag african classics kenya designer bags
Micheal Soi bags.

Micheal Soi bags have created quite a buzz in the fashion industry. His bags are all unique creations because he paints each and every piece by hand. The canvas tote bags and clutch bags are simple but very chic. They are perfect for the weekends. Get spotted out and about in style with the Micheal Soi bag.

Zumi michael soi bags
michael soi bags

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