King Kaka Opens up on Why He is a Sanitary Towel Ambassador

King Kaka’s noble idea of donating sanitary towels to needy schools girls has won the praise of many.Through the ‘Bank on Me’ donation campaign, King Kaka has managed to raise thousands of pads to distribute countrywide.His work has even won the recognition of billionaire Bill Gates.

This was after he visited rural area and witnessed something so horrific.

”young girls are engaging themselves in s3x with married men in exchange of sanitary towels” 

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Another incident that broke his heart was when he had toured Lodwar in Turkana and saw a lady seated on the sand. When he went to interact with her, the lady told him that was her fifth day seated there because this was the only option because of lack of pads.

”i saw a young  lady seated on the sand because she was on her monthly period and it broke my heart”

 And that was when he thought of what he could do to help girls in rural areas while giving back to the community. 

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