Khalwale brags to be brain behind committee that is causing troubles to Waititu

Boni Khalwale can’t stop bragging. The famous Bullfighter and former Kakamega Senator has got something else to talk about.

Last time he made a political statement he was defending Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa for stopping Edwin Sifuna from speaking.

But Dr Boni Khalwale who is a close ally of The Deputy President William Ruto, has bragged how he single-handedly fought for introduction of Public Accounts Committee.

But Khalwale has extended gratitudes to the former Senate Speaker Ekwe Uthuro for supporting.

The Current Public Accounts (PAC) is vested with the key function of inviting different government officials who are then grilled. For instance the grilling of Governor Ferdinand who produced a bizarre budget line.

The same committee which Boni Khalwale fought for its formation is now causing troubles to many sitting Governors as unexpected figures are pointed out in the budget reports.

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