Kabogo slams Waititu for skipping an interview

Former Kiambu County governor William Kabogo has faulted his successor Ferdinand Waititu for skipping an interview on Citizen TV’s news night.

Kabogo who appeared on the interview on a short notice condemned Waititu for following the directions of the council of governors instead of following his people’s interests.

Kabogo further noted thatWaititu could have made a decision despite CoG’s directions for the sake of his people who want to know more about the bizarre budget.

He moreover cited that what the nation want to know at the moment is how Kiambu County spent the Ksh 2.5 billion in its budget.

“What we need to know now is how Kiambu county spent its money. If the budget used was a template, Governor Waititu ought to have corrected that when he appeared before Senate,” he said.

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