75% Kenyans Use Counterfeit Goods: Here is the proof

It is not easy to differentiate between the original and fake goods these days. Only when you buy and use it for some time then it disappoints, is when it dawns to you that it was fake. Otherwise, it is difficult to know a fake product by just looking at it.

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On Monday, the Anti-Counterfeit Authority reported that it confiscated goods worth Sh100 million in the last one month, most of the goods originating from Far East countries.

The Agency reported that the greatest percentage of counterfeit products enter into the country through the seaports, with 70 percent passing through the port of Mombasa.

“With us today is an assortment of counterfeit goods seized in the last one month, valued at over Sh100 million,” said the Agency.

The counterfeit goods confiscated included electrical appliances, sportswear, equipment of premium trademarks, motor vehicle spare parts, digital TV antennas, and toners.

The authority said it is strengthening its capacity to detect counterfeit goods at the ports of entry through the use of technology and automation as well as leveraging multi-agency collaborations.

The authority projects that nearly three-quarters of Kenyans use counterfeit goods.

According to their research, most counterfeited goods in the market are mobile phones at 51.8 per cent, alcohol (30.8), DVD players (26.4) while bottled water is at 24 per cent.

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