Zari Hassan fires back at Mange Kimambi

Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan has revealed that she wasn’t afraid of being arrested after her longtime rival Tanzanian Socialite Mange Kimambi advocated for her arrest.

The mother of five who went to Tanzanian in Soft Care diaper tour revealed that she didn’t chicken out because she was on the right side on the law.

Ugandan boss lady Zari Hassan might not be done yet in the children’s department despite having five kids as she recently revealed possible plans to sire more with her current bae.

What she wasn’t shy of discussing is her trademark topic on children and when asked whether fans should expect offspring with her new bae, she did not mince her words.

According to Zari, she would actually consider having more children and if things were to go her way, they would be twins.

“Yeah maybe, I mean why not, My man only has one child. If an accident takes place, there are always surrogates. I would prefer twins. You know money can buy anything nowadays,” she stated.

If indeed she is 38 then that would still offer her plenty of time to conceive before the clock runs down on her.

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