Rules Every Watch Wearer Should Keep Up With

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You are never complete without the right watch for the right occasion, but how many people know what goes where? people will buy one ‘ish-ish’ watch and wear it with everything in their closet.

It’s hard to stop this habit, but all together we must try. Here are the rules of wearing a watch.

1.Ensure your watch matches your outfit

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Make sure your look is exquisite, steer away from weird color straps. Ensure your bracelets do not make your watch look bad.

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2. Wear your watch on your wrist and not over your shirt sleeves, that look is out dated. It’s the kind of fashion that cannot be updated.

3. Why wearing two watches?

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Thought itself is outrageous if you need a confirmation you got your phone with you.

4. On wearing your dress watch with a casual outfit

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I think you can definitely wear a dress watch with something other than a tux. You can wear a T-shirt and jeans with a really beautiful dress watch. Why not? However, some people will be able to pull it off and others will look like they’re wearing a watch from the night before. It really depends on your personal style.

5. Choice in metals

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You just cannot have silver cufflinks and wear a gold watch, it just doesn’t look classy or stylish. It should be gold on gold, platinum on platinum or white gold, silver on silver and the like.

6. Color of your straps

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Just like the shoe and belt rule, your watch’s straps must match the colour of your shoes and belt. Unless its a totally different colour you just can’t wear a brown strap watch with a brown belt and shoes it looks clumsy.

7. Wearing jewelry with your watch

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Like mentioned earlier gold on gold, silver on silver, platinum or platinum or white gold. Please don’t do beaded bracelets with a gold watch. (even if it’s from your girlfriend or boyfriend.)

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