Poop is Valuable!

Never did I ever think a day would come where faeces would be considered valuable in life. Apparently, A horse’s poop is being sold for $200.

According to The Lexington Herald-Leader, artist Coleman Larkin is selling jars of feces from the 1997 Kentucky Derby winning animal – called Silver Charm. The publication added that the supply of the resin-coated feces is limited.

Sales from the “Derby Turds” will go toward Old Friends Farm in Georgetown, a thoroughbred retirement facility Silver Charm calls home.

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Coleman says the most difficult part of the project is asking “the type of people that own million-dollar thoroughbreds if I can please have some horse turds to put in jars.”

Though it remains unknown what buyers will use the horse poop for, horse excrement has several uses. Most importantly, horse poop is great as garden manure. According to Home Guides, “while it is not a good idea to put fresh horse manure directly on your garden, with a little effort this agricultural waste product can give plants a real boost. Horse manure and bedding make excellent compost.”

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