Nameless heart-warming birthday message to his producer

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The Nasinzia hitmaker, Nameless, shared an overwhelming birthday message dedicated to his music video producer, Shakira. Through his Instagram account, he wrote;

“Just wishing my music video producer, choreographer and dancer, Shaks the brand, a happy happy birthday, Keep that same energy fam,!! … (Huyo mwingine angojee birthday yake ama atumie simu yake) .

Shakira, I will always appreciate all the hard work, positive vibe and sincere contribution you bring to the team! Can’t thank you enough. Fam help me wish my pipo Shaks a happy birthday full of blessings.”

This comes after he celebrated his wife’s birthday through a coastal vacation. He previously shared their moments saying; “Heya.. So some of you know one of our agendas for last weekends malindi getaway was Wahu birthday month.

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Alafu pia as you can see I keep telling you guys, I am the official Wahu Photographer(video evidence provided above) na sijawai lipwaaaaa!! Isokey, bado nakupenda!!! Anyway, March 22 is here.. Go shorty, it’s your Birthday, so Fam, help me wish this kaModel of mine a blessed birthday and an amazing year ahead.

May all your dreams and vision be realized with God’s guidance. Happy birthday Babe.. enyewe tumepitia mob pamoja… Wacha tujibambe ..Alafuuuu, Munaonaje camera work yangu hapa by the way. Si ni Deadly!! I did a kasmall ameture edit of our katrip na pia of couse some getaway agendas I could not film.”

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