Mouthwatering bonus Manchester City players will earn if they win a triple

Manchester City and their League rivals Liverpool will never want a repetition of what is happening at this season’s title race.

There has never been such a race up before where the second runners up have ever reached over 90points which shows how competitive the season and race for the title has been.

But the greatest gainers and harvesters is likely going to be Manchester City who is chasing for a triple trophy this season.

The trophy hungry Manchester City players will share a whopping £15million bonus if become the first club in English football history to win all three leading domestic competitions.

They will each grab a part of the mega pot because of clauses written into their contracts.

City gives their stars heavily incentivised deals and three more wins will see them seriously cash in.

After claiming the Carabao Cup earlier this year, victory over Leicester on Monday following by a win at Brighton will be enough to secure the Premier League title.

They will earn the windfall, The Telegraph report if they then lift the FA Cup by beating Watford at Wembley just six days later.

Pep Guardiola knows that if his team are to come out on top in the Premier League title race it will be an incredible achievement.

He has put title rivals Liverpool on a par with Barcelona as the toughest side he has ever managed against.

“In my career as a manager, I played against incredible sides,” said Guardiola. “But there are two that were ‘Wow!’ One is Barcelona managed by Luis Enrique, with Neymar, Messi and Suarez. The other is this Liverpool.

“They’re the best two sides I’ve faced as a manager.

“That’s why being there, with it in our hands, fighting against them until the end, being seven points behind [as City were in January], is so good.

It’s the toughest league I’ve ever played as a manager, for the quality from the rivals. No doubts. That’s why being there is incredible.

“But, of course, only one will take the prize and the other one will be at home sad.

“Last season [when City won 100 points, 19 more than runners-up Man United] was incredible, but this season we fought against an incredible team that has everything physicality, runs in behind, they’ve improved a lot in the positional game.

“That’s why I’m so delighted after what happened.”I didn’t expect to get the points we have this season so far after what we did last season. Normally, the tendency for human beings is to relax a little bit.”

Recovering from their mid-season meltdown which saw the Reds storm clear hasn’t been forgotten.

“After one of the toughest periods in November and December, we were seven points behind,” said Guardiola. “When we played here in January, if we’d lost it’d would have been 10 points.

“We had that feeling in November and December that they were not going to drop many points. Then you have the feeling, ‘Okay, it’s gone’. But it was completely the opposite.

“I’m so proud of my players and all the club, the organisation, and all the staff. They help us to be there. But we still have two tough games and you have to be focused to do a good game because I’ve been really impressed with the way Leicester have played.

“We’ll try to win that game and go to Brighton [on the final day when all games kick off at the same time and Liverpool host Wolves with it in our hands, with a chance to be champions there.”

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