Khaligraph: I only had two pairs of Jeans and a pair of Shoes

Khaligraph Jones  like many top ranked Kenyan artists claims to have come from a very humble background.

The Mazishi hitmaker recalls how he used to recycle two pair of jeans and one pair of shoe. He shared this through his Instagram account

“Hakuna kitu Mbaya Kama Kuwa the Best Rapper na Una recycle Jeans mbili na kiatu pair moja, I was there and that sh*t was Painful””

 He also urged  his fellow artist to break out of their circle to become successful. He shared how he started hanging out with  Kristoff  and his perspective of life changed his music carer.

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”Talented Skillful rappers/Artists need to break out of their circles to become successful, Affiliate yourself with people that will help you amplify your talent and potential, people who will make you push yourself to the limit, Kristoff was The 1st artist I ever saw drive himself when I invited Him to our studio in Umoja in 2012 and when we started hanging out together my perspective of life Changed, I was still the Best rapper then but hanging out with Him gave me an opportunity to meet Celebrities like P-unit, Collo , became friends with STL, I even went To Subsahara studios that Had signed Camp mulla and etc, Those Experiences changed my Life”,

 He added that

 am not saying its good to Leave your Gang Gang Behind but sometimes You have to go out there and Meet people who will motivate you to become something greater, Usikae mtaa sana, Tembea Uku Nje ujue watu wanafikiria aje, Watu wanaplan Kununua Gari Gani, ama kufanya investment gani”,

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