How Boniface Mwangi stage Managed his Dramatic arrest


Something doesn’t add up in this Boniface Mwangi arrest and subsequent release story. It doesn’t look real.

What did he do to warrant being charged with organizing a revolution which is likely to cause civil unrest and breach of peace?

There is nothing fishy about Mwangi’s recent activities that would warrant an arrest and these funny charges. He has been making noise for years, so why today?

If it is true that Mwangi had rattled the status quo, then why was he released so fast? Yet the only thing he told the police is that he has nothing to say about the alleged revolution. So he was arrested, refused to answer questions then released?

It seems all these drama is just stage managed.

Do you remember how Miguna Miguna was treated after his arrest? The court orders that Matiang’i disobeyed? How he was deported while unconscious. Do you remember what happened to Babu Owino? That is how threats are treated.

can’t compare Boniface with Bobi Wine who is considered a small god in Uganda. Boniface Mwangi can’t even mobilise a 2-hour demonstration. And there is nothing that justifies his dramatic arrest.

It could be that Boniface stage managed this dramatic arrest just to get some international media attention. We don’t advocate for the arrest of activists and politicians but we don’t want Kenyans to be misled.

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