From Fake Eyelashes To Fake Nose Hair, What Is The Beauty Industry Turning Into?

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When some people are looking at permanently doing away with nose hairs, the beauty industry is inventing fake nose hairs for aesthetic value. No one wants to have the ‘icky’nose hairs peep through the nostrils.

Yes, you can now kiss goodbye to the eye-watering pain of plucking and the fiddliness of trimming your nose hair because it is now a trend.

The brave new look was first championed by Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen.

She used false eyelashes to achieve the avant guard aesthetic but we imagine if you’re blessed in the nose hair department, you won’t need to resort to falsies.

It did not take long for others to seize upon the look and – voila – the tag #nosehairextensions was born.

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A quick glance at this tag will show you just how popular it’s become.

As an aside, we’re not sure how advisable it is to use eyelash glue up your nose, so that’s something to be aware of.

If you’re happy to just leave your nostril hair as is, here are some interesting facts.

It grows at a rate of 0.35mm per day and it’s actually our friend, as it acts as one of the body’s first lines of defence against environmental nasties such as spores and germs.

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