Forest Police Uncovers Syndicate after Nabbing Truck

Police are pursuing an intricate chain of illegal loggers after busting one of the lorries used by the syndicate to carry out the illegal loggings.

The criminals are reported to be operating a multi-million illegal logging business, and that at the time of their nabbing a lorry contained Sh500,000 worth of wood.

Mr Alex Lemarkoko, the deputy Chief Conservator in charge of Security and Protection led the operation that was to nab a lorry driver ferrying cedar and Elgon Teak poles.

Mr Lemarkoko said the wood was sourced from the Maasai Mau Forest in Narok County.

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“The lorry was impounded while transporting the timber along the Njoro-Mauche road heading to Nakuru town. Our officers acting on a tip-off from the public moved swiftly and also managed to arrest the driver. The driver is being held at the Nakuru Central Police station and is being interrogated,” said Mr Lemarkoko.

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The Forest boss said that the driver was part of a larger criminal enterprise that has been escaping police dragnets fpr some time now.

He urged area residents to actively start reporting instances of illegal logging to authorities for action.

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