Female Fraudster: Jailed As Foreigner, Wanted Criminal At Home Country

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South Africans have been protesting against foreigners doing shady business in their country through xenophobic attacks.

However, it seems that there are few elements that were left in the country and the law is handling them correctly.

This follows a story of a female fraudster who has been sentenced a number of years in prison.

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A 53-year-old Zimbabwean woman was on Monday sentenced to six years in prison by a South African court after she was found guilty of 10 counts of fraud.

Elizabeth Nyathi, 53, the former deputy president of Zimbabwe’s Affirmative Action Group (AAG), defrauded the Old Johannesburg Warehouse Auctioneers in Selby by making fake payments to settle items worth R721 579 she purchased from four auctions.

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She is said to have purchased the goods between January and April, according to, the owner of the Old Johannesburg Warehouse Auctioneers,

We have not received any money back, and there are always promises, but the magistrate said it’s very unlikely that we’re getting any back. He added

It taught us some lessons about business and not to trust everyone anymore, but the business is strong, so we are blessed.
Among the goods, Nyathi duped the Jo’burg Auctioneers, are seven Rolex watches, diamond and gold rings, kitchenware and furniture.

Magistrate Benita Oswell ruled that culprit will be deported back to Zimbabwe after serving her time since her passport expired during the course of the trial.

Nyathi is allegedly wanted back home for stealing more than $250 000 worth of maize seeds from a Zimbabwean seed production company in 2012.

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