Citizen TV news anchor cries out recovery journey

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The screen queen, Yvonne Okwara, has shared her recovery journey after she underwent two surgeries and slip disk injury. She shared through her Instagram account where she wrote;

“Good morning. Went for my first run this morning, 6 months after my surgery and slip disk injury! Was a little slower than before, but progress is progress! Running is so spiritual for me.

That 5 am clean air, birds chirping, communing with God at that hour. Also, great bonding time with Le Husband. The one who got me started with running and fitness and eating right!”

The Citizen TV news anchor underwent two surgeries in late 2018. According to her, things don’t always go as planned and she has learned to take everything a step at a time from surgery, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle and dealing with loss following the deaths of her brother, her uncle and her father in law.

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She did not dive deep into details of her surgery though she has been recovering. Her previous post read; “It’s going to be a long Christmas. 2nd surgery in about 13 months! Recovery road ahead looks good. Back home now. Glad to be alive. Merry Christmas everyone!”

On her weight and the surgery, the news anchor wrote; “Dear God, Thank you for 2018! It’s been a year of change, transition for me. Change in my health. I made significant moves to get fit and healthy, had surgery again. But I’m getting back on the saddle.

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Thank you God, for in all this, you’ve held my hand! I’ve never walked alone. 2019, no matter what changes come my way, I shall get through them as I have done this year! God’s got me! He’s got you too!”

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