Uproar as Ruto Defends Waititu’s Bizarre Budget

DP William Ruto during Sunday service at All Saints Catholic Church Komothai Parish, Githunguri, Kiambu County./DPPS

Kenyans are not happy with the fact that DP William Ruto had the guts to defend embattled Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu over his bizarre budget.


Waitittu has been accused of setting aside billions on projects not related to the county government of Kiambu. In a Financial statement presented to the Senate on Thursday, the governor has set aside close to 1 billion shillings on co-ordination of State House functions and 58 million on South Sudan peace talks.

But speaking during a church service in Githunguri on Sunday, Ruto said that the Senate should stop asking Baba Yao meaningless questions.

“Huyu baba yao ni governor wa Kiambu….kwa budget ya Kiambu hakuna mambo ya retired president, hakuna mambo ya South Sudan, hakuna mambo ya State house…Waititu  anafaa aulizwe tu mambo ya Kiambu..hizo mambo zingine ni kazi yetu kule Nairobi,”  He said

And now angry Kenyans have said that the DP has just confirmed that he is indeed the high priest of corruption.

Ruto and Baba Yao are bosom buddies and there are even rumors that the governor is one of the favorites to be running mate in 2022. This could just be vintage Ruto standing up to one of his most loyal soldiers.

In a statement sent to media house last week, Waititu said that the corruption allegations had been fabricated by people who were not happy with his relationship with Ruto. He said this was politics at play.

There have been suggestions that the DP could have benefited from the loot. (It must be remembered here that no corruption has been confirmed) Waititu could have used tax payers money to organize the numerous functions that Ruto has been attending in Kiambu.

All in all, this is not the first corruption scandal that Ruto has defended. He was also very vocal in defending the Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal. He is also friends with governors Okoth Obado and Moses Kasaine, both of whom are facing corruption scandals.

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