How DK Kwenye Beat &Hope Kid’s ‘Rape scandal’ Ended

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Early January, Kenyan gospel singers HopeKid and DK Kwenye Beat were caught disturbing ‘ Rape’ scandal. A story spread like a wildfire on social media of a 20- year lady who claimed that the two raped her infecting her with an STD.

The two had no choice but apologize on social media, and ask for prayers. DK Kwenye Beat took it to social media and apologized to the fans and everyone who felt offended by the story.

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However, the apology catalyzed people’s wrath online rather than suppressing it. The two were trolled online for tendering a mere apology that could not help the lady.

Advocates for women rights such as FIDA and other individuals came out to try and help out get justice for the said lady and push the offenders.

However from nowhere, there were no more developments on the story. have you ever wondered how such a juicy story just disappeared? Hope Kid gave answer to the whole story and here it is.

Details of the whole icident

In March, after consultation with his Bishop Welly Odendo, the two artists and the bishop left for Nakuru, to meet the alleged victim

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“We had a three-hour tense meeting with the lady and her friend. What came out were revelations that she did not have herpes and she apologized. The bishop explained that no one would gain anything by suing the other and that more accusations and counter-accusations would just damage us. That is where we decided on a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to put an end to all of this.” Hope Kid Revealed

“The NDA stipulated that the identity of the lady, who is a daughter of a prominent personality in Nakuru would remain undisclosed and that the concerned parties would not reveal any more details about what transpired. Hope Kid continued

Hope kid also revealed that they visited a private hospital in Nairobi for tested and non of them tested positive for herpes.

After the tests the Case was then dropped, FIDA withdrew from the case and other women rights activists also went underwater.

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Kate Kamau the actress who was also condemning the act backed off claiming that her comments were based on the leaked video of DK Kwenye mocking the alleged victim immediately after tendering an apology to the public.

“My comments were based on the audio and nothing else,” she explained, informing Pulse that she does not know the lady and therefore never reached out. “I don’t know any details about the case,” said Kate

“When more details of what happened came out, and they realized there was no mileage to be made, FIDA backed off. Even Xtian and Kate Kamau (actress) who had been vocal about the whole thing, went under. They did not even go to Nakuru to give the lady any support,” Hope Kid continued

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