Etale advise to KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua

The director of Communication in the Orange Democratic Movement party Phillip Etale has reacted to the new song dubbed “pigwa Shoka”

While responding to a social media post Etale advocated the banning of the song. The song has is explaining how nagging girls should be silenced with an axe just the way Kinuthia did to his slain girlfriend Ivy.

Etale was responding to digital influencer XTian Dela who tagged the KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua asking if he had watched or listened to the song.

Hey @EzekielMutua, have you seen this new song called Pigwa Shoka? A song promoting the killing of girls with an axe the way Ivy was killed? #BanPigwaShoka#PigwaShoka

To his response, Etale wrote, “This song should be banned without notice…

This song should be banned without notice…— Philip Etale (@EtalePhilip) May 3, 2019

The tweet by Etale comes days after Alvindo the takataka singer apologised to the public for producing content that was not acceptable in the society.

His apology came after KFCB banned his Takataka Song claiming it was not eligible to be watched by children and violated the laws in Kenya.

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