Aisha Jumwa grabs the mic from Edwin Sifuna in burial drama

A wedding funeral attended by both ODM secretary General Edwin Sifuna and expelled from the party Aisha Juma turned out dramatic after the two took on each other on the podium over burial politics.

In video on the internet of the function, Sifuna is heard making a speech where he defends himself from ODM’s big decisions saying he is not the party.

“Nilifungwa nkasema usiwe mkeka wa kulaliwa..sheria hiyo mwenye kutung sio Sifuna..sheria ya chama cha ODM mwenye kutunga sio Sifuna..,” Sifuna is heard saying.

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Aisha Jumwa then cuts him amid his remarks telling him to respect the Mijikenda and cut politics from the burial. She proceeds to take the Mic from his hands leaving Sifuna speechless.

Deputy President William Ruto’s staunch ally Boni Khalwale has since congratulated Aisha Jumwa for her commitment to the new Kenya calling Edwin Sifuna a greenhorn.

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