5 heartless Monsters suspected of gang-raping 13-year-old girl detained

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Five suspects who allegedly kidnapped and gang-raped a 13-year-old girl in Hola, Tana River County have been detained for one month.

The five; Said Omar, Galgalo Athumani, Athumani Mohamed, Yasir Mohamed, and Dero Juma, were arraigned at Hola law courts.

The Five were detained after the Prosecution applied for their bond terms to be deferred until the complainant has testified.

The prosecution further informed the court of possible interference with the ongoing investigation if the suspects are released on bond since they hail from the same village as the complainant.

The suspects allegedly kidnapped the minor at their home when she came out of the house at midnight to relieve herself.

They then, allegedly, hauled her onto a waiting motorcycle to a nearby bush where they gang-raped her while holding her hands and legs apart and covering her mouth using a piece of clothe to prevent her from screaming.

Meanwhile, the girl is undergoing treatment, including counselling.

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