Miguna Calls For Atwoli’s Arrest Following Labour Day Political Remarks

The Self-declared National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Dr. Miguna Miguna has called upon the arrest COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli after his remarks on the controversial Labour Day Celebrations.

Atwoli has severally been blasted for turning the workers important day into a political rally which he used to attack his enemies and unleash his political interests.

Francis Atwoli should be charged and prosecuted for theft, dereliction of duty and abuse of public (union) office for his egregious failure to advocate on behalf of Kenyan workers. Having had a “Kikuyu girlfriend” is not a defence in law“, he posted on his twitter account.

Kenyan workers and various leaders today gathered at Uhuru Park in Nairobi to mark this day .The whole thing would then take a Political turn when Atwoli took to the podium to speak.

Atwoli launched scathing attacks on William Ruto and his Tanga Tanga Movement terming them enemies of progress who were out to frustrate Uhuru’s Second term in Power.

Atwoli attacked people who do not support President Uhuru Kenyatta and the war on corruption.

As if that was not enough , he went on to defend his attack against the Kikuyu community.

“Mimi ni mkikuyu kuliko wakikuyu wengine…do not incite the Kikuyu community; we want to support the president in eradicating corruption in Kenya,” he said.

This loosely translates to, “I am more Kikuyu than Kikuyus themselves…”

Atwoli continued, “Mkenya yeyote asiye simama na Rais Kenyatta ni mshenzi.”

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