Fame, Furry & Force: Atwoli’s Book Hits The Market


Francis Atwoli is undoubetedly a vocal man who never shy’s away from saying what he feels whenever he feels like.

Atwoli has cut the figure of a daring critic who is not afraid of going head to head even with the mighty in the society.

His recent unending attacks on DP William Ruto is a clear indication that Atwoli will take on anyone just to have his point home.

Atwoli is 69-years old but still got the energy of a Youth. He live’s a lavish lifestyle with his trademark chains always shining on his neck.


His “yes!” and “shenzi!” chants have now become like his trademarks and should he give any speech with mentioning the two words, one would be forgiven to think that it was not Atwoli that gave the speech.

If you have not had a close encounter with Atwoli, you might think that his mad and scary. He is however a great intellectual with a long experience in public service both locally and internationally.

Yesterday’s Labour Day Celebrations Saw Atwoli once again unleash his true colours to the Public. He did not shy away from taking on DP William Ruto and his Tanga Tanga Squad.

One would actually be forgiven to think that the Labour Day celebrations was a Political Rally.

Atwoli called out leaders who he accused of derailing President Kenyatta’s war on corruption.


After the whole Labour Day talk and hear-says, Atwoli would then have a book launched in his honour.

The book titled, “Fame Furry Force” is one which will help individuals learn more about the vocal trade unionist.

COTU asked Kenyans to grab a copy so that they understand the man himself, Francis Atwoli well.

Among those who attended Atwoli’s book launch were Seme MP James Nyikal and TV Journalist Jeff Koinange.

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