DP Ruto’s workers freed over theft case

Zachariah Bittok

Police have dropped the case against four people accused of stealing eggs from Deputy President William Ruto’s home saying the parties involved had agreed to solve the case without involving officers.

Eldoret West police boss Zachariah Bittok on Thursday said the parties involved had agreed to solve the matter amicably without involving investigators.

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Mr Bittok said that the four suspects, who are workers residing in the homestead of the DP, had earlier denied stealing 10 trays of eggs.

“Though initial investigations revealed that the four workers, who are residents in the homestead were involved in the stealing of the eggs, we have received instructions from above to allow the affected parties to solve the matter outside the court,” said Mr Bittok.

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Mr Bittok, who did not reveal the source of instructions said that it was unfortunate that the matter had been blown out of proportion.

During the Labour Day celebrations at Uhuru Park on Wednesday, Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny sarcastically praised police for moving in swiftly to arrest the suspects, however he challenged them to employ the same approach when dealing with leaders suspected to have looted public funds.

“People who steal trays of eggs are quickly arrested and put on trial but when it comes to leaders who are stealing billions of public funds, police hesitate to take action,” said Mr Kutuny.

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