Atwoli Responds to ”Dog with rabies” Comments, Tears Waruguru Apart

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COTU Boss, Francis Atwoli has angrily responded to Laikipia Women Representative who described him as “a dog with rabies”, saying he needs mental check-up at Mathari Mental Hospital.

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Cate Waruguru likened his bling blings to the dog’s chain. Atwoli has urged Cate Waruguru to stop being loose to some married Jubilee politicians and a Professor (names withheld) teaching at the University of Nairobi

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“I know who sleeps with who and in which Hotels in this country. The same woman hurling insults at me is the same woman I can confidently reveal to the public how she is a threat to stable marriages.

The other day she was with Professor…. in a high-end Hotel double-dealing him with Senator… “Don’t taste my patience female. Just allow me to ignore you!” Angry Atwoli quipped.

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Cate Waruguru in a video that went viral on social media had blasted Francis Atwoli as a man who deserves no space in the 21st Century.

“In his right senses, Atwoli said Kikuyus ni washenzi. It is well known if you see a dog walking around with a chain, barking then know it has rabies and it needs medical attention” she said.

On Sunday Atwoli said; “We can’t have two centres of powers in the same government. Na nyinyi Wakikuyu wa kisasa, nyinyi ni washenzi sana. I don’t think hata mwenye aliyesema Mwai Kibaki tosha alikuwa Raila”.

Waruguru said she did not expect such a statement from a leader who is like her grandpapa.

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