Why Communication Authority released new mobile number prefix “01xxx”

Kenya releases new mobile number prefix  “01xxx”

The Communications Authority of Kenya has announced the release of a new prefix 01xxxx in addition to the prefix 07xxxxxxxx that is currently in use. The use of the new prefix will take effect immediately.

According to CA Director General Francis Wangusi, the new prefix – which is expected to take effect immediately – was necessitated by increased demand for SIM cards, mobile data and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

Communications Authority releases new mobile numbering prefix 01xxx

Mr. Wangusi, in a statement to newsrooms, said leading telecommunication giants Safaricom and Airtel had already been issued with 2 million and 3 million numbers respectively under the new prefix.

The authority says the move to release the new series of numbers was necessitated by increased demand for SIM cards, mobile data and Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, and other emerging technologies that require telecommunication numbers.

“The introduction of the new mobile numbering prefix 01 is in line with National Numbering Plan developed in 2002 by Authority, in consultation with ICT industry operators, the public and other stakeholders…..According to the plan, each prefix provides for a capacity of I00 million numbers.” CA said in a statement.

The Authority further noted that Safaricom and Airtel have already been issued with 2 million and 3 million numbers, respectively under this prefix.

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“We, therefore, expect the new subscriber numbers to be available for use by consumers under the new prefix,” it noted.

“In addition to the development of the National Numbering Plan, the Authority also has put in place procedures and guidelines proper management of the numbering resources such as the online platform to ease of application for numbers.”

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The Authority further advised consumers to be aware of the new mobile number prefix so that whenever they receive calls they understand that they are local numbers.

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