Gideon: Corrupt William Ruto cannot be President

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi believes that the corruption allegations facing DP William Ruto have made him unsaleable to the electorate ahead of the 2022 presidential elections.

“The Moi side believes that Ruto has become unsalable because of corruption allegations,” Says a source close to Gideon Moi as quoted by a local daily.

The rivalry between the two Kalenjin leaders is almost getting out of hand, putting elders from the community into panic mode.

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There have been efforts by influential Kalenjin elders to get them to reconcile but the efforts have been thwarted by egos.

Gideon Moi has insisted that he will only shelve his Presidential ambitions if he sees a clear benefit to the community and to Kenyans at large.

“There is nothing personal but Gideon has insisted that all actions and decisions must benefit of all Kenyans, not an individual,” said one of the elders.

The rivalry reared its ugly hand on Saturday during the burial of Jonathan Moi, where Gideon refused to stand up when greeting Ruto. He did the exact opposite with Kalonzo and CJ David Maraga.

Last year Ruto flew to Kabarak to see Mzee Moi but he walked away with egg all over his face as he was denied from seeing the former President despite waiting for hours.

Mzee Moi is Ruto’s political father who introduced him to politics through the YK92. He also gave him his first ministerial appointment.

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During JT’s burial, Ruto also had to deal with the humiliation of having to welcome Gideon on stage to speak last.

Ruto has maintained that the only way for the two to work together is if Gideon shelves his presidential ambitions.

There have been fears that the two leaders are being advised by their selfish friends who are thriving from the conflict.

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