Atwoli Throws Aisha Jumwa to the Dogs

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COTU Boss Francis Atwoli is known to be a man who says it as it is. He is never shy of facing his enemies head on and ans such, he has cut a figure of a vocal man who will put down his haters down at anytime with his har-hitting tackles.

Aisha Jumwa has been attacking Atwoli in various political platforms following Atwoli’s recent declaration that DP William Ruto’s name will not be on the ballot come 2022.

Juma has in the past even referred to Atwoli as a “Kijana fupi round”

She even asked Atwoli to go for the Presidency himself if he was feeling that he is man enough. Jumwa asked Atwoli to stop playing Politics with his office.

Today, Atwoli downplayed Jumwa’s remarks saying the vocal politician was not his type thus he is not bothered even if she called him ‘worthless husband”.

The COTU Boss asked Likoni MP Mishi Mboko to tell Aisha Jumwa that she is not his time and as such, she should leave him alone.

“Mama Mishi Mboko mwambie huyo awachane na mimi, yeye siyo type yangu. Achana na huyo mama. Apimwe na ruler, hana kiuno, hana. Anacheza sana na Jina yangu,” Said Atwoli.

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“(Mboko, please tell her to leave me alone, she is not my type, let her stop mentioning my name, she doesn’t even have a waist),” he said amid laughter from the guests.

This was in reference to Jumwa’s waist narrative which she has been using in political platforms, saying that her waist is for Ruto’s camp.

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