Please help! Kenyan student pens sickening suicide note with burial plans

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A student at Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology in Kakamega county, only identified as Jared, has written a suicide note with conditions for his burial arrangements while lamenting that his friends have been neglecting him.​

“Since I joined this great institution, no one has ever seen the importance of helping me. I have become a great burden to people.

“Whenever I call them, no one responds. I have now seen it important to commit suicide and leave you in peace, he said.

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He went ahead to set out five conditions for his funeral and asked those who will be involved to strictly observe them.

  • Do not bury me in a coffin. Just put me directly in the soil. If you never afforded to give me food, do not also afford to buy me a coffin.
  • Do not eat expensive meals. If you could not feed me when I was alive then do not have expensive food at my funeral.
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  • Take me to church for a memorial service.
  • Let my convoy from the mortuary not be more than three vehicles. Sometimes I needed fare to go home and I walked. Where were you with those expensive vehicles.
  • Let this letter be read before the crowd before you bury me.
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He further thanked his parents and church and said he would be found dead in his house within six days.

Read the note below:

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), the number of people living with depression and dying from depression in Kenya is growing year by year, with males dying from suicide out of depression being higher than the number of females, probably because females are able to speak out more.

Kenya ranks number six in depression cases in Africa.

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Depression in the country has been linked to domestic violence, drug abuse, unemployment and serious financial constraints in the country.

The number of psychiatrists in the country is set to be increased to curb the issue of increasing suicide cases caused by depression.

The number of suicides linked to depression reported in Kenya rose by 58 per cent between 2008 and 2017 to reach 421, official data reveal.

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