Kenyan Submits Hilarious Proposal to Safaricom on How To Pay M-Shwari Loan

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Kenyans are facing a hard time with rising cost of living owing to the thieving kleptomaniac Jubilee regime.

Kenyans on the other hand, have witnessed their savings dwindle, job opportunities fizzle and and income streams drying out.Most Kenyans have fallen prey to evil corporates such as those promoting gambling and loan sharks in digital forms.

A here-below a Kenyan on Facebook wrote to Safaricom a hilarious proposal to pay his M-Shwari loan.

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Hi Safaricom,

Can I repay my MSHWARI loan with a sack of potatoes?

Before you say No, listen to this.

I come from Kinangofu (Kinangop) and we have a lot of potatoes there, even our Dog, Tommy, is eating raw potatoes.

I have 2 sacks of potatoes which are just sleeping (read lying) in the house.

I have gathered intelligence and know that you have a cafeteria at your offices.

I was thinking we can have a consensus, that is, I drop the potatoes at your office cafeteria, you make chips and stew and credit the proceeds in my MSHWARI loan account.

At least I am thinking about you and if your answer is NO, then you might have to wait longer.

I have given you first priority, because you are the bitter option. Other Creditors like TALA & OKASH might have to wait for the Avocado season.



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