Dear Kenyan employers, Here’s why your Employees are leaving

In most Kenyan firms and companies, employers tend to be the lenient kind. Lucky are you who gets a local employer who understands your turmoils as a Kenyan. Luckier are you who get the Caucasian ones; you’re living the best life.

However for some, they cannot grasp the amount of distress they cause their employees.

They have succeeded in starting a business and have grown to the point where they have more than a handful of employees that are getting the hang of what they’re trying to achieve as a business. Losing them would be catastrophic, so reducing the chances of that happening with these six pointers outlined below on how you can be the great employer that retains its employees.

1. Don’t micromanage

No one likes someone constantly asking them every minute whether the job is done, that will eventually deter them from working. So to keep your anxiety low and the pressure on your employee low, give them a realistic timeline of when you want the job to be completed by. Then leave them to their own devices, it will show you trust them and furthermore you have confidence in their ability to deliver as agreed.

2. Have an incentive system

Introduce a reward system within your organisation, this will mean you will get more from your employee. They will willingly push themselves and easily take on challenges because if they deliver, they are assured of a reward that works for them, like a bonus, extra holiday time or even covering extra training expenses.

3. Learn when you will get more from your employees

Everyone will work differently, some employees will work best alone others in teams, Some will need the flexibility of working both in the office and at home while others will give you more in the morning but by the evening they are burnt out or another will work best in the evening than in the morning. If you have the type of business that can work anytime then try your best to be accommodative of your employees’ preferences. You can focus the target on ensuring that all that needs doing is achieved when they are at their peak of productivity, rather than being so focused on them working during 9 to 5 because it might end up being the times they are producing the least amount of work, and also work that is not of good quality.

4. Make the environment conducive to work

You can also get more out of the employees if they have the flexibility of working anywhere in the office premises. Ensure you have various rooms that will suit their creative needs and even simple things like furniture that will make it comfortable for them to work. Google, Microsoft and Facebook are some of the companies known to have offered a varied style in their office setting because they have come to understand that if you make it comfortable for an employee to work you will get more from them creatively.

5. Build a team spirit

Every so often set up training and team building workshops that will allow your employees to bond and develop the skills that will lead them to be better employees and give them the opportunity to gain transferable skills. If you maintain a team spirit in your workplace you will get more from your employees and it will make the workplace a pleasant environment to work in.

6. Pay your employees on time

Money is often the reason why people will move to another workplace. Do, ensure you pay people on time and if possible try your best to offer better enticing pay packages. Let the amount offered, match the amount of work the employee will be required to do and if you can’t offer a great salary ensure you have benefits that can make it worth their while to take on the job offer.

You always want to make sure that you are the kind of employer that is loyal to their staff, honest with their staff, offers constructive criticism and support wherever possible as well as showing compassion especially to any personal hardships they may be going through outside of work.

Always remember you want to be the employer that trains people well enough so they are sought for by others but also treats them well enough to never want to leave.

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