Kansiime Claps Back At People Calling To Confirm Her Death

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It is pretty amazing how people can never celebrate your success, but they honestly, faithfully show up in your burial and mourn faithfully.

Kansiime says as she recounts how many people reacted to her when they heard that she drowned in Canada. She said that she found over 100 missed calls from people calling to confirm that she actually died.

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In response, Kansiime did a video and posted it on social media explaining how people called her and dramatically mourned her. she said some have not reached to her for the past five months. people who don’t care about her success pretend to care so much about her death.

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Kansiime promised people that, anyone who has never appreciated her success must not mourn her. she hilariously promised to come back for anyone who would attempt such a thing. see the video of Kansiime talking

“If you are not overreacting on the good things that happen in my life, including being the host in East Africa’s got talent, Then do not mourn me. if you do that, I will come back for you!”. Kansiime said

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