ISSA NO-NO! Ways to tell if your Relationship ain’t Real

You can’t trust no one these days…especially when it comes to matters of the heart…Especially in this Nairobi.

When you’re in a relationship you feel some type of way about that one person and you feel secure in that. But when you’re busy lying to yourself that everything is fine and that you’re happy then there’s a problem. Here are the signs you’re in a fake relationship boo.

1. You keep asking him to confirm if you’re in a relationship

If you’re always the one asking him if you’re in a relationship you’re not actually in a relationship. It means you don’t feel safe or secure in your so called relationship, this means you need to ask yourself why you don’t believe in you’re in a relationship.

signs you're in a fake relationship
2. You hardly meet each other 

When you’re in a relationship you are actually meant to meet. If you’re in the same geographical area you should meet at least once a week. If you’re always struggling to meet it just means he doesn’t have time for you which means you’re not his girlfriend boo.

signs you're not in a real relationship
3. He never cares about your emotions 

He doesn’t ask you how you are or try and keep up with you. You try dish out information about your wants and desires but when he meets you he just wants to sleep with you.

signs you're not in a real relationship
4. You’re always the one trying to ask him about the future 

You’re always there asking him when you will get married or when he talks about the future he never talks about you he talks about himself only.

relationship issues
5. You’re always chasing him

You’re the one who calls, texts, ask him when you’re meeting. You know deep down inside you feel sorry for yourself for chasing a man down that much.

signs you're not in a relationship

You don’t need to be in a in a situation that you’re unsure of. In 2019 you date someone who makes you sure that he is in it for the long haul. You don’t need these men who make you feel like you are the one who needs to wait. Treat people how they treat you boo.

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