Gabu dares Ezekiel Mutua to ‘ban’ his newly released song

Pioneer artiste Gabu has dared Kenya Film Classification Board boss Ezekiel Mutua to ban his song.

The Singer taunted Mutua complaining that he has been too hard on the youth and is one of the reasons why upcoming artists cannot enjoy their own creativity.

In a recent Instagram post, Gabu asks Ezekiel Mutua to take action against his recently released song which is a collabo with Arrow Bwoy; Koroga

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Gabu also expressed his frustration saying that the banning of song is becoming too much that he wonders where Mutua gets the time to watch the music videos.

His remarks comes a week after the ban of the ‘Taka Taka’ hit song which was not well received by some Kenyans.

Mutua also vowed to take action after Alvindo Taka released the video to the Taka Taka song despite the ban.

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Gabu also added that instead of being a hindrance to growth of talent and creativity, the KFCB Boss should allow the youth to make money out of their talents.


@dr.ezekielmutuakujia hii inaitwa koroga pia.Umezoea ma youth sana.This is too much let the youth enjoy thea creativity n make money out of it. It makes me wonder where you get the time to watch this music video.

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