End of Jubilee as Kieleweke, Tanga tanga Shop for New Rival Political Parties

The ruling party Jubilee is slowly coming to a crumbling end just 7 years after its formation. This follows reports that Mt Kenya leaders associated with president Kenyatta are on the run to register a new political party TNA ahead of 2022.

With its over 6M votes, the region is strategically positioning itself to be a major player in the 2022 elections. Just like every election cycle,new political formations and  alliances crop up with the sole intention of having their interests represented in government.

A new political party, Transformation National Alliance (TNA) has been registered by politicians from the region, who have sealed the fate of Jubilee, as moribund and lifeless, that it cannot be used in 2022. Jubilee has had a tussle and numerous friction, between opposing sides, Team Kieleweke leaning towards President Uhuru Kenyatta and Team Tanga Tanga supporting the DP. These differences have torn Jubilee Party right in the middle.

Tanga tanga has taken issues with President Uhuru regarding his working relationship with ODM leader Raila Odinga, something the Deputy President is against is seeing as an attempt to sideline him. The differences have grown so wide that both sides are plotting against each other and planning the downfall of their leader.

DP and his allies have put up a spirited fight against the war on corruption which was waged by the president, saying it a strategic move to malign the DP and taint him as a corrupt individual.

On the other hand, Tanga tanga team are not leaving anything to chance. Reports indicate that a new party is in the offing with the team having considered former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto’s Chama cha Mashinani as an alternative option. Isaac Ruto had previously strongly opposed the decision to merge both URP and TNA parties.

The team has recently been associated with the yellow t-shirt brands doing around on most of Ruto’s political meetings. This acts as a strong indicator that the team is considering reviving the former URP party in its preparations to go alone in 2022.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has openly rebuked his DP for being against the government agenda on corruption and told him off on the handshake. President Uhuru has also vowed to work with Raila regardless of what his deputy thinks.

With the registration of these new political parties, Mt Kenya region and the Rift valley will be having an option to bolt out of Jubilee and have their political houses in the new outfit, in effect use it as a bargaining chip for 2022.

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