Kwani Moi Amekufa?Bishop pay tributes to Mzee Moi instead of Jonathan Moi

Netizen aren’t happy with Jonathan Moi funeral organizers after it turned the burial turned out to praise former president Moi rather condoling with the late Jonathan Family.

Kenyan state that they mourners paid a lot of the attention to former president.

The preacher claimed that all the politicians from the rift valley have been molded by the president moi.

He only singled out Orengo but claimed that all politicians including him were mentored by Moi.

“Everyone here including me and all the politicians from the rift valley including deputy president were mentored by Moi,”he said.

Majority also praised Gideon Moi for standing with the family through out and ensure that the Moi reputation for years to come.

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