Jonathan Moi’s Wife Give Moving Tribute About Late Husband

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They say that true love lasts forever and even in death, love always wins. The death of former President Moi’s son, Jonathan Moi, has once again proved to the world how a good woman stands by her husband’s side both in the good and bad times.

Following Jonathan’s death, a lot of wild allegations ranging from rape to murder to infedility were made against him. With this in mind, one would expect that his close family members would be ashamed to even stand side by side by him during his final moments on earth.

Well, this has not been the case. Jonathan’s wife, Sylvia Moi has proved to the entire world that once love takes over, all the other negative energy from different quarters is always noise.

She has revealed how she first knew and met the late Jonathan Moi.

According to Sylvia, She first knew of Jonathan in 1981.

This was after the then President’s son bought land in Eldama Ravine next to her father’s land.

By then, Sylvia was still a student and everybody in her community was excited to see the President’s son buy land there.

Sylvia would later meet face to face with Jonathan after she finished her A Levels.

Everything was not so rosy since she feared him and was eveb reluctant on mingling with a man of Jonathan’s high status.

Sylvia however says that Jonathan’s humility made her attracted to him. He did not behave like a son to the Country’s head of state. He was a kind and generous man.

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The two would later fall in love and eventually got married for 35 years until his passing at 64, on April 20 when he succumbed to cancer while undergoing treatment at a Nakuru hospital.

Sylvia celebrated Jonathan’s life saying that they had an easy life given the fact that he was so open therefore making it easy to tell if he was happy or annoyed.

Jonathan will finally be laid to rest today, Saturday. He has left behind his widow, Sylvia, and four children.

Rest in Peace Jonathan Moi!

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