ZIKISHIKA! Octopizzo’s New Hit takes us back to the 80s

Kenyan Rapper Octopizzo known for hs hard-hitting bars and flow has yet released another banger this time taking us back to the days of ‘Zilizopendwa’ Songs.

Ghanaian Stallion delivered an unforgettable beat for Octo’s latest release ‘Zikishika.’ The track which is afro rhumba meets rap is an experimental sound that fans from Kibera Namba Nane to Eastlando can vibe to.

A new sound, backed by a local horns section and enchanting background vocals by Jolie Detta, this track speaks of Octo’s foresight; while offering a respectful throw back to the legendary sound of Rhumba soukous icon Franco.

The track is highly inspired by Franco & le T.P. O.K’s, without holding on too tightly to the sound of the 1980s.

The soukous band from the Democratic Republic of the Congo established in 1956, fronted by Franco released the track “Masuu” in 1986, to which Octo has given a refresh; repackaging it to fit the sounds of today.

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