Premier League losers vs Championships gainers: Who’s promoted and who are relegated?

The Premier League is only three games away from ending with close to fifteen teams being safe and assured of remaining in the Premier League while the bottom five remain relegation threatened.

Already as it stands bottom placed Huddersfield remain relegated. Huddersfield Town was the first team to be relegated, following their 2–0 defeat at Crystal Palace on 30 March 2019, coinciding with victories for Burnley and Southampton. They were relegated with six games remaining.

This made Huddersfield the second team to be relegated before March ended, following Derby County in 2007–08. Fulham joined them after a 4–1 defeat at Watford on 2 April, relegated with five games remaining.

Manchester City is the defending Champions of the EPL and is racing to retain it but have a hard time to do so against high flying Liverpool.

Wolverhampton Wanderers, Cardiff City and Fulham joined as the promoted clubs from the 2017–18 EFL Championship.

They replaced West Bromwich Albion, Swansea City and Stoke City who were relegated to the 2018–19 EFL Championship.

The other possible drops from the Premier League that are likely going to follow the root of Huddersfield are Fulham, Cardiff, Brighton and probably Shane Long’s side Southampton but they are a bit safe from demotion. Fulham looks like a sure relegated side from the PL as it stands.

From the Championships side, the competition for the top four for promotion is getting hot day after the other and match after another with Norwich and Sheffield United looking like sure promotions.

If things remain as they are at the moment, Norwich and Sheffield United are going to be promoted to the EPL while Leeds United and Westbromwich will have to square it out to decide who joins the other two.

My prediction for the promotion is Norwich, Sheffield United and West Bromwich.

Who do you think will be promoted and why?

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