Harmful Ingredients In Your Nail Polish You Should Watch Out For

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When buying nail polish the main thing that people look at is the brand and the colour of their liking. Very few people take time to look at the ingredients and even if they do they have never bothered to know the ‘power’ of the ingredients.

Here are some toxic ingredients used in nail polish

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Formaldehyde – This would probably affect nail technologists, more than the occasional nail polish user at home. This ingredient causes asthma, convulsions, nausea and miscarriages.

Camphor – Reports have said that this ingredient causes severe skin irritation and allergic reaction when applied topically. The fumes from this ingredient cause dizziness, nausea and headaches.

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Toluene – The fumes that come from this product are known to be highly toxic to the point that it can cause decreased brain functionality and even brain damage, impaired breaking, hearing loss and nausea.

This one mostly affects nail technologist because they keep using the same products every now and again.

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Formaldehyde Resin – This substance causes severe skin irritation and allergic reactions, skin de-pigmentation and loss of nerve sensation.

Certain ingredients in your nail polish can affect you in the long run, though most affected are nail techs. It’s important for nail salons to equip their techs with a mask

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Everyone should start reading labels and ingredients on things they purchase, if u can’t pronounce the words on it don’t buy it. My simple rule on these toxic products everywhere.

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