Fena Flaunts Her S3xy Body In Marini Commercial…My God She’s Gorgeous!

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Fena Gitu is one of the most reserved Kenyan artists in the music industry.

Can you even recall a time she spotted a mini or wore an overly-low top to expose her bosom?

Indeed, this has been one of the most unsolved beefs in Kenyan history:

Fena Gitu vs Lingerie

But as fans, we’ve always wanted to see what’s behind all them baggy jeans and oversized hoodies.

Well, fellas, Fena has finally decided to sample her derriere for all of us to marvel at with this exciting Marini promotion on her Instagram page.

Hands down, her assets are banging! Sorry, Vera, but there’s a new socialite in town by way of ‘assets management.’

And you thought she’d be alone? Nah, she brought Nairobi’s homegrown talent Naiboi to promote Marini alongside her.

And no doubt the pair look like an exquisite couple! Despite the fact they have their own hubbies to go home to every night. Oh if only!

We must say, Fena is definitely one for the future…her body is simply amazing.!

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